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The DUO.005 features a bright mariage between a handcarved petrified wood & a tiger eye stone, on stainless steel studs.

✴︎ The petrified wood is a wood that stayed in the underground for so long (we’re speaking of million of years), that all the organic part has been slowly washed out and replaced by silica and minerals, transforming it in a stone. So it is said it is good for grounding, peace, and assist... transformation.

✴︎ Tiger Eye is said to be good for protection and help with mental clarity.

By associating the both stones in this long asymetric shape, I like to see this  as a strong and powerful earring.


Handmade in Paris by Claire

To see the process of carving this collection : CLICK HERE

Duo.005✴︎ €170  Buy ❋
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