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Claire Normand is a glyptic artist living in France.

After studying engraving and modelling at the Ecole Boulle in Paris, Claire has been initiated to lapidary technics with artists in China and in New Zealand and since then, teached herself the technics she uses in her glyptic work. Every creation is initiated by a meditative contemplation of the elements she is carving  and a fantasy about its hidden secrets.
She is working by abrasion, which means what is carved is definitive. She is fascinated by the idea of leaving a timeless print, in a world where a lot of informations are only virtual.

In her sculpture work, Claire’s desire is to show the beauty of the stones by enhancing their unique patterns and flaws. She is seeking life and respiration in what seems to be inert. Movements are crystallized in stones.
Her jewelry are thought as wearable sculptures highlighting broken stones from her own production or from stone industries. She likes to show the beauty of non valuable stones which are often forgotten in jewelry. Rejecting the mass-production, all her jewelry are unique pieces. She is working on bespoke orders such as full stone signet rings, on which the story of the client is engraved.
In her glass work, Claire plays with the transparency of the material.

Claire is using very old and rare techniques she feels very involved to modernize and to promote. She is giving private classes for students of glass and gemstone carving in her atelier. She is also doing demonstrations of engraving in museums, such as the Monnaie de Paris.
Claire is also working as a freelance for jewelers and fashion designers.

For any inquiries about commissions, demonstrations and classes, please email clairenormandcontact@gmail.com.

Photography → Anatole Chartier
Web design → Entreprise

Models→ Aurore Franche & Maelle Foix
Photographie Héloise Arnaud

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